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Who We Are

We are a small software company made up of individuals who love both photography and web technology, and have found a way to marry these two interests. If you are curious about the individuals who steer this ship, you can meet our management team.

Modern technology allows us to serve clients and communicate with coworkers no matter where we are, so we have chosen to locate not in Silicon Valley, but in Seoul, Korea.

What We Do

Our mantra is: "Save Time. Reduce Errors. Grow Your Business." In other words, we help you to streamline and grow your business using technology.

Right away, that sets us apart from many technology providers, many of whom try sell you technology that simply does not help you. Who wants that?

Our philosophy, and accordingly, our business model is based on our clients' success: we cannot succeed unless our clients succeed. Our products help studios to incorporate new technology and maximize its benefits. Today, not tomorrow — you won't have to wait years for this technology investment to pay for itself. Our clients recognize savings right away, in the first year of using our products.

Who We Serve

As much as we would like to bring these benefits to everyone, we are committed to responsible growth, to make sure we are around for as long as our clients have need for our services. We are not venture capital funded, we are not seeking additional investment, and we do not plan to go public, ever.

Given that commitment, we can only target one niche at a time. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on the group that will benefit most from them: school yearbook photographers.

We would also like to open up our software to the world, but for the time being, we feel it is wise to focus on our home country.

To learn more about us and what we can do for you, please feel free to drop us a line. Ask us anything! We are here to help.