Reduce Errors with Backdrop

Efficiency gains are worthless if you create more errors in the process. Fortunately, Backdrop has many systems in place to catch errors long before they become catastrophes.

Client Management

You don't want to leave anyone out of the yearbook. Backdrop can catch many common errors quickly.

  • Photo rosters let you keep track of who you shot on a particular day, so you can follow up later to verify that their images were imported and that they selected a yearbook pose. There will be no surprises when you create the yearbook CD.
  • When editing clients, warnings are presented when you are about to make a change that will affect reporting or follow-up.
  • Client Notes automatically record every change made to a client record, so that you always have a complete history.
  • Improperly formatted email addresses are rejected, ensuring that your email list is clean and error-free.

Ordering Systems

Our drag & drop order system is easy to use, yet catches common errors even as you are taking the order.

  • Never forget to assign a pose to a product again. Products requiring images are highlighted in red until you assign a pose. Likewise, an error message is shown if you accidentally assign a pose to a product that shouldn't have one.