Grow Your Business with Backdrop

Once Backdrop has automated away the inefficiencies in your business and eliminated major sources of errors, you can finally focus on growing your business.

In addition, Backdrop has a number of tools to help you sell more to your existing clients, as well as unique features that help convince new groups/schools that you are their best choice. For example, the Client Gateway and Adviser Gateway are key differentiators that give you the edge you need to win new business.

Client Management

Backdrop's powerful marketing tools help you sell more to your existing clients.

  • The Client Lists function allows you to dig into each group/school to see who has not yet been photographed, or who has been photographed, but hasn't placed an order.
  • Once you know who to contact, you can have two Bulk Email options. For small lists of up to 100 clients, you can email them directly from Backdrop. For larger lists, you can export a list of email addresses and create an email blast (which we will help you set up).

Client Gateway

Even when you let clients do their own thing, Backdrop is working as your virtual sales team, making sure sure your interests are being served.

  • Fraud prevention systems and other security measures increase your safety when doing business online.
  • The online ordering has a built-in upselling feature: customers are reminded that the next step up is "only $X more."